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The Enterprise is designed to respond quickly to client concerns and specialized expertise is grouped by sector and function to manage the construction project effectively. This type of organizational structure allows the company to respond quickly to client’s needs within specific civil works construction projects, while simultaneously allowing it the flexibility to merge technical skills, as needed, to address multi-disciplinary assignments.

For any civil works construction projects the Enterprise will successfully meets its client’s project needs on time and within budget.

Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise provides services pertaining to:

  • Water Resource (water supply, irrigation, borehole drilling, hydraulic structures etc)
  • Highway and Bridges
  • Hydropower Generating Dam
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Building Engineering

A detailed range of comprehensive services are offered in the following areas:

  • Water Resource Projects


  1. Construction of rural water supply and sanitation schemes.
  2. Construction of irrigation schemes
  3. Drilling & construction of deep and shallow wells
  4. Construction of diversion weir, canals, drop structures
  5. Construction of sewerage and waste water treatment plants
  6. Construction of dams and impounding reservoirs.
  7. Construction of drainage schemes
  8. Construction of transmission water pipelines and distribution networks for both municipal and rural water supplies.
  9. Construction of booster generator & pumping stations.
  • Building Structures


The Enterprise is capable to construct any kind of building structures for various purposes such as conference room, residential, hospital, clinic, health posts, cost efficient construction house apartments and camp construction for large scale projects etc.

  • Highway and Bridge


The Enterprise gives comprehensive services in the construction of access road, bridge, culvert and road side ditches.

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