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Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise is a multi-disciplinary Construction Enterprise headquartered in Semera with qualified and experienced technical experts knowledgeable in the field of Engineering, providing construction services in a wide range of civil construction works.

In an aim to meet the objectives of providing adequate water supply and to meet the household, local and national food security, the Enterprise had been established under establishment proclamation no. 27/1998 in March 1998 E.C. Since the pressing need to satisfy the ever growing construction sector demand entails responsive, competent, innovative, efficient, customer focused and flexible organization, it was decided that the overall organizational structure of the enterprise beginning from its establishment proclamation to all the guidelines, manuals and directives should be improved and designed in such a way that build a working process which enables to fill the gap in the water sector development of the region. Therefore, to undertake higher irrigation construction works and to manage and run the projects constructing by itself in order to make the regional people to be better beneficiary of the economy and societal advantages and to undertake such works the enterprise has been re-established under Directive No. 07/2007 as government development organization to work independently to unlimited period of time.

Consequently, the interests of the Enterprise, and its concomitant staff capabilities and interests have grown exponentially, and the organization is currently providing professional services in all of the principal sectors of civil engineering. The Contractor retains basic staff as permanent employees while it can always flexibly hire any number of experts required for any particular project.

Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise has been engaged in various short term plans of which; construction of water supply, borehole drilling, sanitation, irrigation, road and dam are primarily focused. The Enterprise also has a medium and long term plan to diversify its business and income stream through organizing a study and execution program for selected development businesses and investment projects such as production of different size aggregate from quarry, hollow block production, laboratory that carries out comprehensive chemical and bacteriological analysis of water sample and production of different size pipes.

The Contractor has been registered as Water Works Construction category ——– under the Ethiopian Water Resource Management Proclamation No. 197/2000 (Registration No. WWCC/8/021)

Further registrations were made under Afar National Regional State Finance and Economic Development Bureau for VAT (VAT Reg. No. 62183), with the corresponding Tax Payers’ Identification Number 0003195644. These are based on the license obtained from Trade and Industry Bureau of Afar Region (License N0) አፋ/ክ/ል/44/98.

Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise will register at Investment Authority in investment activity of Construction under the investment permit no. H-1/063/200.

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