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As demands on water escalate in Afar Region, Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise commitment to develop systems to control, protect and distribute this natural resource continues to grow. The development of water resource including production of reliable drinking water, irrigation, flood protection and operation and maintenance of the respective facilities are the main objectives and goals of the Enterprise.


In order to achieve these goals and objectives, our water-engineering department is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals comprising hydrologists; hydro-geologists; mechanical, irrigation, structural, civil & sanitation engineers; environmentalists, etc. We are specialists in developing ground water wells, irrigation and drainage projects and water supply facilities.


Our extensive experience in construction cover:-

  • Ground water exploration including geophysical investigation
  • Water well rehabilitation & disinfection
  • Supply & installation of pumps & generators
  • Irrigation and drainage engineering works
  • Dams and diversion works
  • Water shed management schemes
  • Water treatment and water supply system constructions
  • Flood control and river engineering construction works
  • Storage reservoir and pumping station construction
  • Water well drilling and aquifer evaluation


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